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How To Get a Fast Divorce in Texas

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Start Your Quick Uncontested Divorce in Texas Online

To file for divorce in Texas, it is necessary that you or your spouse:

⦁ Meet a 6-month residency requirement of the state.
⦁ Live in one of the Texas counties for at least 90 days.
⦁ Choose one of the legal grounds to file on.

The cheapest and fastest way to get a divorce in Texas is to file for uncontested marriage dissolution based on irreconcilable differences. It means that you and your spouse won’t blame each other for the breakdown of the marriage and will reach an agreement on asset division, childcare, and finances.

What makes it quick and affordable?

      ⦁ Hiring an attorney is optional. Instead, you can get a cheap divorce in Texas by filing on your own.
      ⦁ No lengthy hearings. Spouses who’re in agreement with each other can get a divorce as fast as the state allows.
      ⦁ Divorce help in Texas doesn’t cost a lot. You can get the paperwork and the instructions for an uncontested case for a small fee.

Overall, you can get divorced for under $1,000 even if you use an online service. In comparison, spouses who file on fault grounds or find it hard to reach an agreement end up paying around $11,000-$14,000 in legal fees alone.

How to File for Divorce in Texas Without a Lawyer

Before you start, make sure you qualify for a no-fault uncontested divorce in Texas. If you and your spouse have any disagreements, even minor ones, it is worth resolving them before you proceed. To divorce in Texas without a lawyer, you also have to find the necessary paperwork and fill it out. As doing it on your own might take a long time, it is better to get a kit for a DIY divorce in Texas online.

Once you have all the necessary documents filled out, take the following steps to file a divorce in Texas:  

    ⦁ Print the paperwork, and make sure the right forms are signed in the presence of a notary.
    ⦁ Bring the forms to the local court clerk, file them, and pay the fee of around $300.
    ⦁ Provide your spouse with a Waiver or an Answer, a Final Decree, and a stamped copy of the Petition.
    ⦁ Ask your spouse to sign a Final Decree and either an Answer or a Waiver, and give them to the clerk.
    ⦁ Complete the initial disclosure by exchanging the respective forms with your spouse.
    ⦁ Count down the 60 days since after the day you filed before you proceed– this is a waiting period in Texas.
    ⦁ Call the clerk to find out when your hearing can be scheduled and whether there is anything required of you before that.
    ⦁ Go to the hearing with the rest of the paperwork and appear before a judge.
    ⦁ After a judge signs the Final Decree, file it with the clerk and send the certified copy to your spouse.

Note that you’ll have to take additional steps if you’re a parent of a child who has ever received or currently receives TANF or Medicaid. For instance, after filing some of the divorce paperwork in Texas court, you will have to send the copies to the Child Support Division of the Office of Attorney General.

Texas Divorce Papers You Need for a Swift Divorce

Most spouses with no kids or assets think they only need one or two papers to divorce. Therefore, after finding a set of Texas divorce forms without a child online, they are often shocked to see how many documents are actually required.

In Texas, there are a few mandatory forms that do not look as such from the first glance. However, they are a must when filing for marriage dissolution.

Some of the state of Texas divorce forms that courts require are:

⦁ Original Petition for Divorce
⦁ Final Decree of Divorce
⦁ Civil Case Information Sheet
⦁ Waiver of Service or Respondent’s Original Answer
⦁ Information on Suit Affecting the Family Relationship

Other Texas divorce documents you might need are:

⦁ Possession Order (if you have minor children)
⦁ Income Withholding for Support (for child support)
⦁ Out-of-State Party Declaration (if one of the parents doesn’t live in Texas)
⦁ Statement of Inability to Afford Payment of Court Costs (if you have a low income and cannot cover the court fees)
⦁ Required Initial Disclosures (which should be exchanged between spouses)
⦁ Order Restoring Name Used Before Marriage (if you want to switch back to your maiden name)

The specifics of your case will determine the number of additional forms a court will ask you to file. If you don’t want to waste time filling out the paperwork you might not need, you can always get help with your Texas divorce online.

How Long Is the Divorce Process?

Divorce in the state of Texas usually takes about:

    ⦁ 3 months in uncontested cases
    ⦁ 6 months or more in contested cases

It’s always hard to predict how long it will take spouses to divorce if there are disputes over assets or children. The uncontested divorce timeline, however, is rather straightforward. It’s necessary to file the legal forms, serve them on the spouse, and attend the final hearing in about 60 days or more. The faster you complete the paperwork and file it – the earlier you’ll be divorced.

How Soon Can a Divorce Be Finalized?

To get a quick divorce in Texas, you need to go through each step of the process as soon as it is legally possible. At the very least, it will take 60 days to finalize your uncontested marriage dissolution since the day you file the initial paperwork. However, it will likely take more due to the court caseload and other factors.

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