Download Texas Uncontested Divorce Forms Online

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Finding the right paperwork for your marriage dissolution can be challenging, especially if you are doing it with little to no legal help. Fortunately, on this page, you can download some of the basic free do-it-yourself divorce forms required in most uncontested cases. Note that these sets of documents can only be used by spouses who have reached a full agreement on matters concerning their finances, property, real estate, children, etc.

Free Texas Uncontested Divorce Forms

Here is a common set of free printable divorce papers in Texas you will need:

This is likely not a full list of documents you will require. The need for additional forms will be determined by whether you have property, plan to request temporary orders, need spousal support, or have children.

Your financial situation or specific agreements will also influence the need for extra documents. For instance, if your spouse doesn’t want to waive the service, they will need the Answer form. And, in case the person filing for divorce cannot afford the court fees, they may request for them to be waived by filing a Statement of Inability to Afford Payment of Court Costs.

Texas Divorce Forms with Child

If you divorce with children, you will need more forms covering child custody and support, parenting time, and other agreements that concern your kids. Here are the free legal divorce papers you need if you divorce with children:

Finally, if you and your spouse have children but already have orders on custody and support, which you don’t want to modify, you will need a separate divorce packet of forms, which includes:

Please note that even though the names of the forms in the abovementioned paragraphs are similar, their content differs, so it is important not to mix up the forms when filling them out. After downloading divorce papers in Texas in pdf format, open them and check the description inside to make sure you have the right ones.

Get Divorce Papers Online

If you do not have any spare time to search for divorce paperwork in Texas or cannot figure out how it works, there is no need to spend thousands of dollars on a lawyer. Now you can file for a fast divorce in Texas online with QuickDivorceTexas.

For a flat fee of $139, you will get a full package of your Texas divorce papers online in just 5 days. It doesn’t matter whether you have kids or not – the price for this package will remain the same. We also have several options with expedited delivery. For example, if you need to receive your documents as soon as possible, you can get them in just a few hours.

Finally, working with our service, you will get not only a set of personalized paperwork but also a guide that will help you file it with the court faster.